August 2017 ยท 2 minute read

All assignments and labs will be done using Jupyter Notebooks. A Jupyter notebook is a type of document that allows you to mix text, figures, and executable code; for a data analyst, you can use Jupyter notebooks to create interactive, reproducible reports. In this class, we will use them as a teaching tool.

Due date convention.

For all assignments with due dates, a posted due date should be interpreted as “11:59 pm Eastern Time.” For instance, if the posted due date is “August 21” then the assignment is due on August 21 at 11:59 pm.

Late policy.

For your lab notebooks, you get three “late passes.” That is, you may submit your lab notebook up to 48 hours after the official due date without penalty. Any assignment submitted after you run out of passes or after 48 hours (with or without a pass) will get zero credit.

You do not need to ask before using a late pass; just turn in any three assignments in the 48-hour late pass window. On our end, we will simply apply the late passes at the end of the semester when we compute your final grade. (And if more than three assignments are late, you’ll get zeroes on the all but the first three late assignments.)

Late passes do not apply to exams. Those will be done in-class (or in the case of the final exam, during the scheduled exam period, which is Tuesday, December 12 from 6-8:50 pm.

We know, what a horrible timeslot!

Collaboration policy.

You may collaborate on the assignments at the “whiteboard” level. That is, you can discuss ideas and have technical conversations with other students in the class, which we especially encourage on the online forums. However, you must write-up and submit your own assignment.

You must do all exams completely on your own, without any assistance from others.